Monday, December 7, 2009

The Newest Wrinkle Fighter- Expressionless Face.

I’ve taken to trying to avoid smiling so as not to allow the wrinkles to set in. Is there something wrong with that? I can remember a time when I was really young and I first noticed that the lines on my maternal grandmother’s face were different than the lines on my paternal grandmother’s face. My maternal grandmother smiled a lot. Her wrinkles were heavy around her eyes. My paternal grandmother had a permanent frown on her face, accentuated by the deep lines that fell from the corners of her mouth down to the border of her chin. I remember thinking that I would rather have smile wrinkles than frown wrinkles. Today, I want a third option, expressionless non-wrinkles.
This morning, I did notice that my laugh lines seemed ever-so smaller. Maybe I’ve just tricked myself into believing it, but I think my new green tea and gingko facial toner might actually be making a difference. It is from Aubrey and it is made from all-natural ingredients. I’ve never used a toner before, never thought about it. My best friend and co conspirator for all things Apocalypse Meow told me about it. If my wrinkles start to fade away, I think I might have to give her pay her off for saving me plastic surgery money.